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Great news! Hongyu was successfully reorganized and reborn
News, hong yu restructuring is successful, a new lease on April 30, 2020, weihai city approved by the district people's court in accordance with the rule of weihai hong yu medical equipment co., LTD., weihai hong yu non-woven products co., LTD., weihai h and adult care products co., LTD., weihai healthy import and export co., LTD., weihai xin yun trading co., LTD., weihai automobile sales co., LTD., weihai loosen needle products technology co., LTD. The reorganization plan and terminate reorganization process, reforming success. The success of this restructuring benefits from the care and help of courts and governments at all levels, the hard work of the management team, the joint efforts of all staff, the strong support of creditors and the investors' recognition of the enterprise's prospects. The company is about to turn over a new leaf and step into a new development journey.